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In March 1989, Fred Wondre, Chris Wheeler and I set off for a canoeing trip to Corsica, but we were delayed by a ferry workers strike. Whilst waiting in Marseilles a quick search of the map showed that the Verdon Gorge was in easy reach, so we set out to explore whilst waiting for the strike ot be resolved.

These are some photographs of our trip down the gorge (at a level of about 30 cumecs). My memory is fallible so many years after the trip, so I will not attempt a commentary or river description. The pictures speak for themselves.

The Verdon Gorge is like a trip to Mecca for a Muslim. Every paddler should try it at least once in his or her life.

Start Photo Sequence

Frame 1.

Look carefully at the large boulder in centre frame and you will see a canoeist.

This gives some idea of the scale of the gorge.

Frame 2.

Frame 3.

Frame 4.

Frame 5.

Frame 6.

Frame 7.

Frame 8.

There is 30 cubice metres a second of water going through these tight gorge sections.

The bed of the river must be a long way down!

Frame 9.

Frame 10.

Frame 11.

Frame 12.

Frame 13.

Frame 14.

End of Photo Sequence

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