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Structure and Content

The website consists of a number of different sections. Each section has it's own index or introductory page.

The sections are:-


  • A web-based archive of works by Edward Carpenter, a Victorian writer famous for his thoughts on on spirituality, sexuality and socialism

  • Ceremony of Commitment and Blessing

  • Texts, photos and audio files from the Blessing service which my partner David and I held recently in a London church.

  • Photo Album

  • Some of my favourite Photos

    and then four sections about canoeing, a major interest of mine.

  • Corsica River Guide

  • A guide to the White Water rivers of Corsica

  • Pathogenic Illness Guide

  • The text of my MSc Dissertation titled "The Risk to Canoeists from Pathogenic Microorganisms in River Water"

  • Magazine Articles

  • A few Canoeist Magazine articles I have written over the years which may still be of interest today

  • Alternative River Guide

  • Suggestions for canoe trips with a difference. Suggestions for when the rivers are low, or for when you want something different.

    Navigation around the website
    - Text based Web pages

    Normal website conventions apply - look for blue hyperlink text. There is normally some form of index page as the top page in each section.

    Some of the website sections are very text heavy, and text can be difficult to read on a computer screen. Try the following techniques:

    1. Save the web-page to your own computer, or print it out, to reduce on-line time.
    2. Adjust the size of the screen text to make it easier to read.
      - On Netscape go to -View- and then -Increase/Decrease Font-.
      - Internet Explorer users go to -View- and then -Text Size-.
    3. Reduce the width of the browser window. Narrower columns of text are easier to read.

    Navigation around the website
    - Graphics based Web pages

    Website sectons with lots of graphics or with many small sections use "Navigation Buttons" for fast movement around the site.

    Navigation buttons are like tape recorder controls and are either active
    Magazine Article Index
    ...or inactive
    Magazine Article Index
    ...or a combination of both (note the up button is never inactive).

    Red buttons move between web pages. The Red up button will always move up towards the index levels.

    Blue buttons move between sections (or photos) within a web page. The Blue up button will always go to the top of the page.

    And finally:-

    The button will always take you back to the Main Index page - it's the emergency escape if you get lost.

    And the "Comment" link gets to page where you can email me about anything to do with this website.

    The button always takes you to the Help Page (this page) where commonly asked questions are handled. The Edward Carpenter Archive also has it's own specific help page - Using the Carpenter Archive