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My New Youtube Channel - switchingview

In March 2023 I launched a new project building up on Edward Carpenter's work. It is a youtube channel called switchingview.

The channel will host videos on the history of homosexuality, especially the history of homosexuality in relation to the Christian Church. I want to push back against Christian patriarchal and heteronormative views, and instead argue that the world, and the Bible, is much more strange, sexual and queer than many people think.

I will not just look at history. I will also ask how we study history, and how do we tell stories from the "underside" of history - stories that have been lost, or suppressed, by those in power.

The first project is called "Intermediate Types", and is very much inspired by Carpenter's ideas in his 1914 book Intermediate Types amongst Primitive Folk. Other projects will follow in due course.

The first video was uploaded in March 2023. This is simply a video-biography of Edward Carpenter himself. Such a video will be a helpful background to my own work. "Intermediate Type" videos will be uploaded through 2023 and 2024.

Go to the switching view channel for more details, or the associated switching view website.

Click here for details of the Salisbury Gravel Century. The Salisbury Gravel Century

Inspired by the Dorset Gravel Dash I have been trying to create its equivalent around Salisbury. There is some fantastic gravel riding in the area so I wanted to develop a long day journey that showcases all that Wessex has to offer. Such as:
Groveley Wood and its Roman Road
Wiltshire chalk downland and the cattle droves
The wildflower meadows of Martin Down nature reserve
The New Forest
Hampshire Woodland and the Test Valley
and finally Salisbury Plain - Read more . . . .
Click here for details of our Blessing Service.Ceremony of Covenant and Blessing

In June 2001 David and I held a Blessing and Covenant Ceremony at St James's Church Piccadilly. It was a wonderful day for us - and here are the details to prove it.
Click here for the Corsica River Guide. Corsica River Guide Click here for

A Guide to the White Water Rivers of Corsica - A true Canoeist's Paradise
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Texts by and about Edward Carpenter - one of my favourite writers.
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Click here for Canoeist Magazine Articles. Canoeist Magazine Articles Click here for my Photograph Album. My Photograph Album

Access, Technique, Coaching, River Grading - Magazine Articles from the past ten years
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Some of my favourite pictures and memories from the past thirty years.
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Click here for the Canoeist's Pathogenic Illness Guide. Canoeist's Pathogenic Illness Guide Click here for the Alternative River Guide. Alternative River Guide

Which water conditions have the highest risk of stomach upsets, and how to avoid them
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Canoe Trips with a difference - suggestions for when the rivers are low, or for when you want something unusual.
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